Sostenibili prima che diventasse di moda
We were sustainable before it became fashion

Our choices have always been focused on protecting the environment and saving energy, which for us represents a fundamental raw material second only to steel.

Concern for the environment and the territory has always played a great role in our choices. From oil collection facilities to the photovoltaic park.

Photovoltaic Park

In 2011 we installed a 363 Kw photovoltaic system, which will be expanded by 570 Kw in 2023, for a total of about 930Kw.

Oil Collection

Our plants are equipped with oil collection tanks so that fluids do not drain to the ground. Everything is centralised for proper management and disposal.

Air extraction and filtering systems

To ensure the health and safety of our employees, our production lines are equipped with air extraction and filtering systems.

Heat reuse within spaces

The company’s premises are heated using cooling water from the machinery, thus ensuring a mild climate in all processing areas.