Tooling and production

Elastic, flexible and dynamic: a tailor-made service only for you. We take care of both designing the moulds and the actual manufacture of the components, following your requirements step by step.

We create the moulds in-house and produce each single component.


Specialised tooling for the creation of moulds, with a dedicated department for the production and assembly of presses. Thanks to our specialised design team, we are able to build every component for moulding. All the equipment is manufactured in-house using 6 CNC production units and 4 CNC lathes.


2 different departments and a total of 18 lines to mould pieces of all sizes. Our strength lies precisely here: we produce pieces ranging from a few grams up to 25 kg in weight, and in the most diverse and complex shapes and sizes. There are no unworkable solutions.


Founded as pioneers in electrical upsetting, we still carry on this activity and work hard to evolve and improve our service through continuous investment in machinery and new technologies. We are able to mould pieces from a 10 mm diameter up to a maximum of 60 mm.